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Plant Genie App

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A new curated meal plan is sent to your inbox monthly. You can keep it as is, or customize your own.


Browse our 100% plant-based recipe database and drag and drop in your favorite recipes, toggle serving sizes and customize your meal plan as you see fit.


Print or access our automated checkable grocery list to take with you to the store so you never miss an item.

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Plant Based Meals
Plant Based Meals
Plant Based Meals
Plant Based Meals
Plant Based Meals
Plant Based Meals
Plant Based Meals
Plant Based Meals


Molly P.

"PlantYou has made my life so easy. The recipes are simple, the ingredients are easy to find (seriously, you likely already have them in your pantry) and everything tastes amazing. I love that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen but my kids and I still get a delicious and nutritious meal."

Lynda V.

"Becoming plant-based was easy for us with PlantYou. If you’ve ever struggled coming up with ideas for mealtimes, this makes it so easy. The recipes are fun, simple and most importantly always taste amazing."



Is this an app?

The PlantYou meal planner is available in Apple and Android app stores. It's also accessible via the web application. 

How many recipes are included in the app?

We have over 600 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are entirely plant-based, oil-free and vegan available within the PlantYou database, with new ones being added weekly!

Are the meal plans customizable?

Each meal plan is completely customizable, including the meals and serving sizes in our user friendly drag and drop grid.

How often do I get a new meal plan?

A brand new meal plan comes out at the beginning of every month. You will get a notification to your inbox with the email you signed up with.

Can you print the meal plans?

YES. You can print your meal plan, shopping list and recipes each week for ultimate convenience.

Is the caloric information included with the recipes?
Yes. Each recipe has a rough macro breakdown for your convenience.
I have a soy, gluten or nut allergy. Can I still use the meal planner?

Yes. We provide soy, gluten and nut substitutes for each recipe that includes them within the notes section of each recipe in the meal planner.

Are the meal plans meant for weight loss?

The PlantYou meal planner is not focused on weight loss, but helping you eat an abundance of plants!

How can I cancel my membership?

Apple and Android users can cancel their subscriptions in the app store. If you signed up before November 2022, you can cancel your membership at any time on the website, by visiting your account page (